The Key: Good People With Special Skills, and Pride.

Mowerks has been in business since 1984. There isn’t a job we don’t know how to do or an object that stands in our way. Because of our skills, you will get everything you expect, and mow.

The story starts with the owner Mike Lowe who brings the experience of being a Retired Police Sergeant and Veteran Army MP. He began tractor mowing in 1976. His Instructor Course achievements with both the State of Florida and US Army have been used to shape the skills of the Mowerks work force.

A Work Force that is the cream of the crop. Applicants to become a Mowerks Operator are screened for history and experience. To step in the door, they must be in the top 5%. Once they arrive, the training begins.

Training is paramount and ongoing. Years of knowledge gained are passed on to the new echelon and our supervisors are selected for their coaching skills. Mowerks also has training courses for the crews conducted in class and available online for afterhours study. Please take a moment and see “Tractor 201” on YouTube.

Our pride is in our people, the maintenance and appearance of our transports, equipment, and uniforms. We deliver to you nothing but the best.

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