We Mow All Over Florida.
And We Do Mow Than Just Mow.

With routes around the entire State of Florida, it’s hard to find anywhere that isn’t just around the corner from where we already work. The benefit to you? Equipment transport prices are lower. The logistics for remote site assignments are second nature to us. We also maintain a network of resources across the state to accomplish all types of projects that complement the work we can provide.

Taking on the toughest cutting assignments will always be our “bread & butter”. For some clients, however, we step things up a notch.

For Builders and Developers, it’s not just subdivision lot mowing. We do lake bank maintenance, easements, site cleanup, and all the stuff that is commonly passed over due to the lack of dependable vendors. Mowerks is the vendor you are looking for.

For Communication Tower Sites, we know the main battle is the travel to get things done at locations spread across the map. Mowerks is a helping hand with all sorts of site needs. If it isn’t building or climbing a tower, ten-to-one we have you covered. Guy wire alley clearance, shelter maintenance, Hurricane recovery, Mowerks has you covered. No one ever goes on site without RF training and qualified insurance is covered.

The Sunshine State is our home. Mowing it is our pride and joy.

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