Acreage and Right-of-ways

MOWERKS uses 15′ bat wing mowers for the highest efficiency possible when mowing large fields. That’s an area as wide as most streets in one pass!

For the tight spots we use the strongest 6′ wide zero turn radius mowers in existence. They’re fast, maneuverable, don’t cost a lot to get to the job site, and leave a lawn mower cut. For trimming we exclusively use the most powerful and dependable trimmers made, so the work gets done quick.

As an option to trimming, we can apply herbicide that kills to the roots and sterilizes the soil to nearly negate all growth for 3 months at a time.

So what are your options?


The Other Guy?

Don’t be taken by the guys with the 6′ or less mower decks who offer a cheaper price. Indeed they will charge less an hour, but for each of our mowing passes it will take them at least 3 passes (considering a 1′ overlap). Take their hourly quote and multiply by 3 (or 4) for an accurate price picture. Then ask if they are going to pick up trash, trim and or herbicide, if they have insurance or worker’s comp to cover on-the-job injuries (instead of you). It doesn’t take long for the low price given by “Jim Bob’s Tractor” to lose its appeal when you consider everything.


Buy a tractor?

Thinking of buying a tractor to do the job yourself? Remember to consider the monthly payments, maintenance time and cost (especially if it’s used), transport truck and trailer, tags and insurance, and then when you have added all that up…

Who gets to do all the work?



You could hire us at a fraction of the price and your weekends are free to enjoy what you save. We set up mowing schedules around the growth seasons to minimize what you spend. No mowing, chasing parts, aggravation, dust, bugs, mud, blood & grease. Just sip on a cold sweet tea & watch us go!

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