AO Precision Manufacturing invests in advanced quality assurance, measuring its performance against the criteria demanded by its internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100-D certifications.


We start with First Article Inspection (FAI) of a pre-production sample to ensure that all engineering, design and specification requirements are correctly understood, accounted for, verified and recorded. To guarantee that future orders are manufactured correctly, quality inspectors examine products that are in process. Once an order has passed all quality inspections, we provide a certificate of conformance at no charge.


All our suppliers are required to have a quality management system in place to ensure that the products and services we purchase meet the highest standards. New suppliers must submit a completed Supplier Quality System Survey. Suppliers are also expected to comply with the requirements described in the Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements manual, (SP-07-02). This document is referenced on all AO Precision Manufacturing purchase orders. All Purchase Orders are governed by the Suppliers Terms and Conditions.

Material Tracking

We have the ability to track our material and inventory with exactness. Suppliers are monitored and lot identification is strictly enforced. This makes AO Precision a preferred supplier to customers who must conform to the Buy American Act (DFAR 252-225-7014).


Our dedicated team of quality professionals builds attribute and variable gauges, staffs a dedicated metrology lab, conducts Statistical Process Control (SPC) and creates backup and containment plans. AO Precision even has the ability to test assemblies with live ammunition.

Preventive Maintenance

AO Precision follows a rigorous planned and condition-based preventive maintenance program that provides for systematic inspection, detection and correction of incipient failures before they occur. Equipment operators perform daily maintenance activities. Dedicated maintenance personnel perform scheduled maintenance. Equipment operation manuals and machine-specific check sheets are used for direction as well as recording task completions and parts usage.

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