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Maintaining Jacksonville Communication Sites

A communications site has to be well maintained if it’s going to stay operational for many years to come. Let the weeds, trees, brambles, and other plant life overtake it, and you could end up with damaged property you never planned for.

That’s all fair and well, but maintaining your communication site is a lot of work. Depending on where you live, it can turn into a huge monthly commitment. Jacksonville communication site maintenance, for example, means humid conditions and regular rainstorms that lead to fast-growing plant life. There’s always work that needs to be done in a climate like this,

You need an expert. Someone with the skills and experience (as well as the equipment) to do a great job on your communications site. And, more importantly, someone who can take the work off your hards.

You need Mowerks, Inc.


Jacksonville Communication Site Maintenance Service

Broadcast and wireless tower sites live in the outdoors. They are under constant attack from environmental hazards, from rain to hail, animals and persistent plant life. For a property manager on their own, this means a lot of leaf-clearing, lawn mowing, and brush clearing. Visit your site after a fresh hurricane, and you can expect doubly the amount of grass, plant debris, and other organic matter.

For the last three decades, Mowerks has been hard at work bringing property maintenance to communication sites across Jacksonville. Our clients need expert workmanship and the right tools to keep their investments in good condition. We bring that professionalism to every job we do.

Our maintenance work covers a range of services, from mowing and the use of herbicides to removing shacks and shelter janitorial work. Consider some of the following:


  • Tractor mowing
  • Professional trimming
  • Herbicides
  • Erosion control
  • Seeding and fertilization
  • Fence repair and gate work
  • Gravel work and commercial grading
  • Sign-posting
  • Minor tree work
  • Shelter repair
  • HVAC maintenance
Jacksonville Communication Site Maintenance Services

Mowerks, Inc.

When you need professional services, it’s better to go with an actual professional. For Jacksonville communication site maintenance services from one of the leading names in the business, Mowerks, Inc. has everything you’re looking for.

Get in touch with us, today, to find out about our Jacksonville communication site maintenance services.

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