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Get the Job Done Right

Wading into the tall grass and getting busy with a standard lawnmower is a tall order. It’s slow going, for one, and can really damage the machine if the grass is thick enough. And it gets even worse when you have to deal with weeds, vines, and other organic debris that could get caught up in your mower.

And why even bother, at the end of the day? Generally speaking, any grass taller than 6″ is going to become an issue, and it’s not like you’re in the market for an industrial mower, right? In these times, it’s best to call it a day and bring in the big guns. And by “big guns”, we mean leading Jacksonville brush mowing services from Mowerks, Inc.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Mowerks Difference

Brush mowing is, hands down, the best solution out there when it comes to clearing a large, overgrown piece of land. These massive machines are used to clear out everything from very large weeds to even small trees and shrubbery in some instances.

So what do you get when you get Jacksonville brush mowing services from us? Access to:


  • a team of trained, uniformed professionals who’ve literally seen it all when it comes to brush mowing.
  • high-end brush mowers capable of chewing through a lot full of fines, tall grass, shrubs, and invasive weeds with ease.
  • optional wildfire mitigation services to keep your property safe, as well as your neighbors’.
  • insurance overkill.
  • service routes around the entire State of Florida.


Jacksonville Brush Mowing Services

At Mowerks, Inc. we pride ourselves on our expert workmanship and fast and efficient service. Our Jacksonville brush mowing services put local property owners back in control of their own land, whether smoothing out housing property or clearing out lots or ditches.

Our tireless work has put us on the map, which is great, but what really matters to us is you: the client. 

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