Subdivision Site Maintenance

Look Good - Sell More

Have you ever met a home buyer who wants to pay top dollar to move into a new house beside overgrown, trash strewn lots? Those who are still selling in this tough market are hitting every angle to get a leg up on the competition. So, what's been your experience in locating a subdivision mower?

  • "Joe's Lawn service" doesn't have the equipment.
  • "Jim Bob's Tractor" is always broke down, has no insurance, and shows irregularly between cocktails.
  • And, "Conglomerates Environmental LLC" wants all but a torso & has too much going on to listen.

Then there's MOWERKS.

Bridging the gap for inexpensive, dependable subdivision maintenance has been our niche for over 30 years. We make you look good so you can sell more. You make money, you expand and buy more, we get more work, repeat!

It's not rocket science. Do it right, we all benefit!

  • Business reputation of dependability
  • Over 30 years experience maintaining lots for some of the largest developers in Florida.
  • A virtual fleet of new 15ft. tractor-mowers complimented with the largest & toughest zero turn radius mowers in existence.
  • A professional uniformed crew.
  • Insurance overkill
  • Complete Worker's Comp
  • Service routes around the entire State of Florida.
  • Owned by a retired Police Sergeant, Army Military Police Veteran, and one damn good guy.
  • Bottom line: A price and service that can't be beat.
We also do Water Treatment Plants Mowing & Maintenance
Hit GO and let us know what you need done!